Intuitive. Colorful. Round.

I believe that a good painting is one that evokes the viewers imagination, creative thinking and love for beauty. By helping us to forget -even for a moment- about our everyday troubles it takes us on a colorful journey where we can connect with our higher Self and recognize our true passions.

My aim is to create spontaneous, intuitive and vibrant paintings which are honest, rich in color and hold a positive message.

For me Art is the celebration of Beauty and Life; jumping out of the box, following my instincts and expressing myself freely without the fear of being wrong. Becoming braver, happier and more ALIVE with each and every artwork I create. Trough art my soul finds its way back to the center of my being, a place of joy, love and harmony.

Art was always very important to me, yet for many years I didn’t fully understand how sacred that process is, not until I created my first mandala. I have made hundreds of drawings before, but nothing felt so liberating and profound than experiencing the birth of a mandala, which transformed my life and opened me up to new levels of creativity and existence.

Beside painting and creating mandalas I also work as a graphic and web designer. This is a profession I was literary pushed into a few years ago, but the more experienced I become the more I enjoy playing computer graphics. Exploring the mysteries of digital art and web design is a fun process where I often have the opportunity to prove myself that we are capable of so much more then we sometimes think of ourselves. I have a holistic and intuitive approach to design, which I believe should be simple, clean and useable with the purpose to serve the content and reflect positivity.