Meet the Artist


I was born in Slovenia (Europe) on the 21st of October 1987 and started to express myself through art at a very early age. I spent my childhood painting, playing the piano, writing stories and poetry. My favorite “game” was making up fairy tales while drawing little cartoon-like illustrations on every single piece of paper I could find at home. I even used to talk to my characters…

I met my first mentor Laszlo Nemes, Hungarian fine artist when I was 7 years old and attended his art classes for more than a decade. His professional advice meant a lot to me and I am more than thankful for his teachings and guidance.

When I finished elementary school in 2002 my mentor encouraged me to enroll to the Ady Endre Art School in Zalaegerszeg (Hungary), but after 3 years I dropped out and had to move back to Slovenia. A few bohemian years have followed, but slowly I managed to put my life back in order and finally graduated in 2010.

Since I was always very interested in mysticism, personal development and eastern religion I found myself attending Reiki, Mind Control and other self-help workshops which helped me accept my past and take responsibility for my life.

I can clearly remember the day when I spontaneously created my first mandala. It was an indescribably beautiful and profound experience, something I hadn’t experienced in a long time, not since my childhood drawing sessions. I felt like I finally found my Self, like I was brought back to Life. So I began to draw mandalas regularly with the purpose of manifesting joy and balance in my life. Soon I started to receive lots of positive feedback regarding my mandalas and decided to offer them to others as well.

In 2010 my partner surprised me with a domain name for Valentines day and later that year we set up this website to present my artworks. I think this was the best gift I ever received, because it not only brought me recognition but it also helped me connect with range of wonderful people around the world. Beside that it introduced me to the world of graphic and web design, in which I found new ways of expressing my creativity. I started to design websites and mandala logos and became a freelance designer. This completely changed my lifestyle, but I never gave up painting and tried to spent as much time making art as I could. Even if this meant only a few mandalas a year.

To make my art accessible to a larger range of people I started to make mandala necklaces using mini reproductions of my works and recently created a signature handcrafted jewelry line Mandalafairy. I also set up a shop on Etsy where I sell my handmade products and Giclée prints worldwide.

Currently I live and work in Maribor (Slovenia) with my partner Andrej and a dog named Luna.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about my work and products. Reach out to me and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

You can contact me here