Intuitive painting

When I paint my heart becomes filled with joy, passion and excitement and I find myself creating new imaginary worlds, which I call Soulscapes or intuitive paintings.

Intuitive paintings are colorful and spontaneous expressions of my Soul, personality, mood and emotions. They come alive when I am able to completely let go of perfectionism and criticism and allow the unexpected to happen. When there are no limits, no rules, no expectations, only colors and happy little accidents.

I very much enjoy working with different color palettes and use lots of water and a little rubbing alcohol to accomplish different textures and effects. I like to paint with different shades and hues of turquoise, red, green, orange, purple and pink. I also can’t imagine my life without indigo blue.

I am drawn to impressionism and visionary arts, but I like to keep my works abstract. However trees, sailboats, flowers and spirals often appear on my paintings, holding special symbolic meanings. For example trees represent life, growth and wisdom. Sailboats are symbols of the great journey (life path which is full of opportunities and different challenges). Flowers represent beauty, fertility and blossoming and spirals are symbolizing the path leading from our outer consciousness to the inner soul.

To purchase an original painting or mandala, please contact me here. Also check back regularly as I’m always creating new artworks!