Mandala art

What is a mandala?

The word mandala means “circle” and comes from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit. “Mandala” refers to a round and often symmetrical pattern, drawing, object or symbol. It can be found in almost every culture around the world.

Numerous mandala-like patterns can be found also in Nature. They are to be discovered in flowers, bird’s nests, in the rings on tree trunks, spider webs, in drops of water, in the shape of our planet, the Sun, the Moon and the Milky Way. Therefore mandalas are believed to be the most ancient symbols of mankind and are often described as magical tools with healing properties.

How to use mandalas?

The main goal of working with mandalas is to achieve harmony between our inner state of being and the outer world. We can work with mandalas in different ways. One can study existing mandalas, color mandala patterns or draw their own. Drawing mandalas is a wonderful form of art therapy which relaxes the body and the mind and helps improve concentration and creative thinking.

Mandalas can help us look into the depths of our being and discover our highest potentials or heal our deepest wounds. Trough mandalas we can make a strong connection with our higher Self and begin to live a more fulfilling and joyful life. You can learn how to draw your own mandalas here.

About my work:

Creating a mandala is an active meditation in which I take a mystical journey into my inner Universe. When I am working on my mandalas I am at peace, centered and inspired to create artworks which are reflections of beauty, joy and harmony. My inspiration comes from fairy tales, folklore, Nature and the wisdom of ancient cultures who lived in harmony with mother Earth. Every new mandala I create is a profound experience which encourages me to express my creativity freely and helps me develop a clear focus and stillness of mind.

The selected mandalas presented above may very in size and color, but they all have a common purpose: to inspire, bring love and help us recognize our sacred power and find “magic” inside us.

Personal mandalas

Personal mandalas are designed with the purpose to help individuals heal on a Soul level, grow personally or spiritually, improve on a particular field, find peace and balance or simply be reminded of their own beauty and sacredness.

To purchase an original mandala, please contact me here. Museum quality reproductions of some pieces are available on Etsy. Also check back regularly as I’m always creating new artworks!