Art is a celebration of life

A few days ago I started to paint again. Its been 3 years since my last painting session so it was a big breakthrough for me and another opportunity to learn that art can really heal ones soul. I was just playing with acrylic and lots of water and I was having lot of fun making art simply for the love of art.

While painting the first picture I opened myself up completely to my inner guidance and allowed lots of accidental spots and forms to appear on the canvas. I didn’t had a plan, I was just curious where will I end up. It was a profound experience to me and it was all about making peace with my past and allowing myself to enjoy the life I have today.

And again I fell in love with art. I felt as I was one with the canvas and the brush, as all the colors where part of my soul. I felt the Spirit of my painting and I was deeply touched by it. I think I never had this kind of experience before. It was simply Divine.


While waiting for the layers to dry I managed to take some photos and add some quotes of great artist, so i would like to share them with you. More of these are coming in the future to inspire and share the love.


What I learned is that one should never give up on his/her art. Because giving up your art is like giving up your Soul. You will never find true happiness without it. So no matter what happens or where does life take you, you should hold on to and cherish your talents. You don’t have to be a professional artist, just paint, play, write, dance or do whatever makes your Spirit fly. Allow your creativity to transform your life into a masterpiece!

Timea Varga