New mandala pendants

My Etsy shop is now open again and stocked with fresh, handmade goodies. New bracelets, mala necklaces and “improved” mandala pendants are waiting for you with free worldwide shipping. These are only some of them, so check out my shop and find yourself something beautiful.


“Gorgeous necklace I bought for a friend as a gift. It is more beautiful in person than it is in the picture. They shipped fast and arrived sooner than expected. Thank you for your talent.”

“I really love this piece of art! I’ve already started to use it :) It is true when Timea wrote in the description: “… gently harmonize your heart chakra and help you open your heart to love and find peace with yourself and the world.” Timea, I’m grateful for your sensitivity and delicacy.”

“I kept this one for me. i think it is gorgeous and it is hard for me not to buy more, more, more! the quality of the item is great! thanks!!!”

If you have questions about my jewellery, don’t hesitate to contact me. :)