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How to draw mandalas?

I created my first mandala spontaneously in 2007 when in a meditation I saw an angel wearing all the colors of the rainbow. I found it so moving and beautiful that I had to put it on paper. So I did and my first mandala was born. Many more have followed and all of them brought me new blessings and hope. Trough them I learned to accept myself, live in the present and enjoy my life more. I learned that drawing mandalas is a wonderful form of art therapy which relaxes the mind and help us improve concentration and creativity.

I hope you find my tutorial useful and that it will help you take the first steps. I will be more than happy if you share your mandalas with me. If you have any question, feel free to leave a comment below.

Drawing mandalas step by step



1. Clear your space!

Choose a room where nobody can bother you, make it cozy and comfortable and get rid of the clutter. Light some candles and put on some relaxing music.

2. Choose the  technique

For drawing your first mandala choose materials and techniques that you love and feel comfortable to work with. Make sure that you enjoy drawing your Mandala. I often use color pencils or watercolors, but sometimes I go for acrylic. Remember that any technique is fine. You can even carve your mandala on wood or make it from clay. Its up to you.


3. Clear your mind.

Before you begin to draw your mandala say a quiet prayer, meditate or sing. Connect with the Divine, the Universe, Nature, Spirit, your higher Self – depending on your personal beliefs. The most important thing is that you are relaxed and respectful toward the process.

Drawing the mandala

1. Drawing the pattern

Don’t be afraid. Just go with the flow and let your hand move freely and softly. Draw the center of your mandala and then by drawing a pattern connect the center with the outer circle. Mandalas don’t have to be symmetric, so just listen to your intuition, be free and creative!



2. Coloring the pattern

Start to fill your Mandala with color. This is the part I like the most! Don’t be rigid with choosing the colors. If you wanted to draw a red mandala and now you feel that you have to paint it blue than go ahead! You will be surprised by the outcome.





3. Connecting with the mandala

Pay attention to your toughs, feelings and ideas that come up while working on the mandala. It’s best if you write them down on a piece of paper. When you finish your drawing, study it. Try to analyze the structure, the meaning of the colors and the symbols you used. Just be playful and open to your mandalas message.


I wish you lots of creative ideas and a big doze of courage! :)