All textual and graphic material on this website is intellectual property of Timea Varga. Any abuse of the following terms will not be tolerated:

1.1. Use of images on websites:

Non profit organizations and individuals are free to use my images on their websites, blogs and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…etc.) in a non-commercial way under the following terms:

  • Credit must be given to Timea Varga
  • A link to must be visible with the image.
  • Images may not be used on web sites deemed inappropriate.
  • Images may not be modified, colored, animated, adapted, collaged, used as a graphic design element, or altered in any way

1.2. Use of images for Tattoos:

For no fee, you may have a tattoo made from my art under the following conditions:

  • Send a good quality photo of the finished tattoo with your name to
  • Grant free use of the photo of your tattoo for any subsequent publication approved by me

1.3. Use of images for books and magazines:

If art is intended to accompany an interview or article featuring or discussing in some depth the subject of my artwork, images will be provided and the use is free.

Use of art to illustrate any subject other than a discussion of my artwork is NOT PERMITTED.

1.4. Use of images for self-published books, products and promotional materials:

Use of my art in self-published books, CD-s, products, logos, brochures, business cards or other materials that promotes a private practice of any kind is strictly forbidden without my written permission.

For individuals requesting permission to reproduce artwork and use in commercial way, kindly be advised that such projects, if approved, are subject to a minimum charge of 100 EUR per image used (depending on project). This fee has been instituted to cover administrative costs as well as the expense of providing hi-res images. Thank you for your understanding.

Please note that you should only contact me if your request is to obtain a license to use my work in a commercial way. If you are unclear whether the use you have in mind is permitted, please inquire through this form with a description of intended use.

2. Privacy Policy is a cookie-free website. I don’t collect any of your information.