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I’m back! Playing with Midjourney Ai

7 years have passed since my last post and I don’t even know where to begin… What is even sadder is that I can’t even remember when did I hold a brush or a pencil in my hand. I used to love creating art so much. I never thought I will stop one day. But life happened and I have been swept away from my colorful, fairy-tale world into a deep well of sorrow, where I was met with illness, chronic pain, and the death of my mom. And I simply stopped imagining and creating. I still feel sad writing these lines, but I think it’s time to leave the past behind and come back to life. Even with a “dysfunctioning” body, I must go on.

Self-portrait made with Midjourney Ai.

But I still struggle to find the space and mindset to sit down and create at home. So last week I went to look at a studio where I wished to start over, but the women co-renting the place didn’t think I was a good fit and they gave the space to another girl. I was crushed that day and felt so alone, but something happened. The next day while surfing the web, I don’t exactly know how, but I came across Midjourney, an artificial intelligence software for generating images from textual descriptions. I decided to give it a try by writing texts of sad poems and experiences, hence my mood. And it blew my mind.

These were one of the first images I “created”.

And then something “clicked” and my imagination woke up from its long slumber. So I just kept going and started learning to better control the outcomes. I’m aware that Ai art is highly controversial and many people have strong opinions about it. But right now this is what my soul needs. It’s an incredible tool to help the creative juices flow. And I have so many ideas I want to try. I will be posting them here.

These are two mandala concepts I prompted the Ai to create for me:

And then I started to dress up faeries and create cute kawaii stuff and Mexican skull creatures. :) So yeah… I am enjoying Midjourney a lot. I believe that discovering Ai art helped me to restore the creative flow. And now the journey begins.

With love,


Second week of #100daysofbliss

So I’ve continued selecting quotes and images and combined them together into simple reminders to stay optimistic and keep on loving life and the world.  Some days I think of a phrase or an author and search the internet for the quotes that feel “right. Some days I simply remember a specific wisdom and write it down. Here are this weeks seven:








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100 Days of Bliss: Week No. 1

I just started my very first #100daysproject. I am going to design & post inspirational quotes every day for the next 100 days. I am moving around a lot these days, so computer art seemed the most logical solution. I hope to get better with lettering and learn more about typography. I think this can be a great practice & also self-motivation. You can follow me on Instagram or Twitter for more updates.







New paintings: Playful & Organic

If you are lucky to have an inner calling, follow it without hesitation. Set you heart on fire, sing from the top of your lungs & stay in love with what you do!

I made a promise to myself that I will be posting more regularly. So here I am typing and editing photos of my recent creations. I must say I had a very productive weekend. I was painting on small 20x20cm canvases. Although I long for working on bigger formats, I don’t have enough space at the moment so as I already had a couple of canvases at home I’ve decided to simply work with what I’ve got…

20x20cm acrylic on canvas

20x20cm acrylic on canvas

It was nice to tap into that inner motion again and just create intuitively, allowing anything to happen. I wanted to create something playful, flowery and organic with free-hand mandalas incorporated. This is how they turned out.


20x20cm acrylic on canvas

20x20cm acrylic on canvas

20x20cm acrylic on canvas

I hope that you like them because I am full of fresh ideas so many more paintings are coming next week. Stay tuned. :)


7 Rediscoveries



It’s been a long time since my last post and I am sorry for my disappearance. I was going trough some tough stuff in my life… Maybe someday I will tell you about it all but for now let’s just say that I needed some time to contemplate, regenerate and somehow reinvent myself. It was far from easy but I am here now, ready to continue my artistic journey and share it with you.

For starters here is a list of 7 things I learned in the past few months or more correctly 7 rediscoveries I made as I was going trough challenging life situations. These I think are basic truths that we somehow manage to forget and need to be reminded from time to time. I hope you will find them useful. Above is a new mandala I created last week: The Oasis.

  1. Good things can come out of “bad” situations and experiences, but you have to look for them in order to find them!
  2. Being yourself is not always easy, but It’s the only way to find people who will love you for the real you.
  3. An important one: Never be too proud to ask for help if you need it. Reaching out is not a weakness, in fact It requires a tremendous amount of bravery!
  4. No matter how impossible things might seem at the moment, you will be able to do them someday. Keep practicing and you will get better!
  5. Look for Love in everything and everyone, including yourself (!). Being able to find Love in the darkest places is the greatest power in the Universe. 
  6. Never stop doing the things that make you passionate and happy. They help you stay focused and happy and they are also very good for your health! :)
  7. Be prepared for the worse, yet ALWAYS hope for the best possible outcome. Miracles happen every day. Allow them to enter you life by believing in them! 

This is it for now. The Sun is starting to shine trough the fog… It’s going to be a beautiful day here in Maribor (Slovenia). May good things happen to you wherever you are!


Timea @mandalafairy