I’m back! Playing with Midjourney Ai

7 years have passed since my last post and I don’t even know where to begin… What is even sadder is that I can’t even remember when did I hold a brush or a pencil in my hand. I used to love creating art so much. I never thought I will stop one day. But life happened and I have been swept away from my colorful, fairy-tale world into a deep well of sorrow, where I was met with illness, chronic pain, and the death of my mom. And I simply stopped imagining and creating. I still feel sad writing these lines, but I think it’s time to leave the past behind and come back to life. Even with a “dysfunctioning” body, I must go on.

Self-portrait made with Midjourney Ai.

But I still struggle to find the space and mindset to sit down and create at home. So last week I went to look at a studio where I wished to start over, but the women co-renting the place didn’t think I was a good fit and they gave the space to another girl. I was crushed that day and felt so alone, but something happened. The next day while surfing the web, I don’t exactly know how, but I came across Midjourney, an artificial intelligence software for generating images from textual descriptions. I decided to give it a try by writing texts of sad poems and experiences, hence my mood. And it blew my mind.

These were one of the first images I “created”.

And then something “clicked” and my imagination woke up from its long slumber. So I just kept going and started learning to better control the outcomes. I’m aware that Ai art is highly controversial and many people have strong opinions about it. But right now this is what my soul needs. It’s an incredible tool to help the creative juices flow. And I have so many ideas I want to try. I will be posting them here.

These are two mandala concepts I prompted the Ai to create for me:

And then I started to dress up faeries and create cute kawaii stuff and Mexican skull creatures. :) So yeah… I am enjoying Midjourney a lot. I believe that discovering Ai art helped me to restore the creative flow. And now the journey begins.

With love,